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Eichah (Lamentations), fully-pointed Hebrew with English translation.

Eichah (Lamentations) cries out through time, engulfing the reader in the loss of a city and her people. This ancient poem transcends history, connecting the human tragedy with a call to remember, and to renew faith. The fully pointed Hebrew text is accompanied by a classic English translation.

The Eichah (Lamentations) app provides the full Hebrew text, with vowels and cantillation marks, of Megillat Eichah, with an English translation based on the translation done by the Jewish Publication Society in 1917. We have updated the English text to replace thee and thou, hast and didst, and other similar archaisms. The app also includes background and descriptive materials about Eichah, its liturgical use on Tisha b'Av (Ninth of Av), and related customs.

The text of Eichah can be viewed with Hebrew and English side-by-side (in either portrait or landscape mode), or in Hebrew or English only. The text is laid out with Hebrew verse numbers for the Hebrew text and regular numbers for the English text. You can view any chapter using the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, and then scroll to any verse in the chapter. When both Hebrew and English are displayed together, the scrolling stays synchronized verse by verse.

The text can be resized (seven sizes), and provides exceptional readability on any screen, whatever the resolution. Use the menu to change the font size.

The Hebrew text is rendered using Hebrew in Hand technology from ZigZag, Inc., for displaying Hebrew on mobile devices. Hebrew in Hand provides complete, self-contained support for re-sizable, re-flowable, Hebrew/Yiddish and mixed-language text, and can be ported to many platforms. It includes:
• Hebrew fonts in multiple sizes designed especially for small displays;
• a proprietary text layout procedure for positioning Hebrew letters, vowels and cantillation marks;
• an implementation of the Unicode bidirectional algorithm for ordering mixed right-to-left and left-to-right text;
• line wrap logic to fit text to the particular display being used;
• correct scrollbar placement, on the right for left-to-right documents, and on the left for right-to-left documents;
• on re-orientable screens, text reformats with the same part of the text showing on the screen
• expandable text sections for reducing scrolling, allowing users to open parts of a text only if needed.

איכה עם נקודות וטעמים
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